Why Does Viktor Chemmel Throw Liesels Book In The River?

Liesel’s book is thrown into the river by Victor Chemmel; why? In retaliation for Rudy spitting on him, he tosses the book into the river.

Similarly, What did Viktor Chemmel throw in the river?

The Whistler is in Liesel’s hand when Viktor Chemmel sees it, takes it, and tosses it into the river. Rudy steps in and protects Liesel by saving the book. As usual, she declines his request for a kiss in return.

Also, it is asked, What does Viktor Chemmel do to Liesel’s book?

They run across Viktor Chemmel and his crew close to the river. Liesel’s book is taken by Viktor, who then throws it into the river.

Secondly, Who does Viktor Chemmel throw Liesel’s book in the river?


Also, Why did Rudy jump in the river to save the book?

Analysis and Synthesis The Whistler: The Floating Book, in part five (Part I) The history of the novel moves forward to the time Rudy dives into the chilly Amper River to get a floating book for Liesel: The Whistler. Liesel still won’t give him a kiss when he begs for one.

People also ask, What is the floating book mostly about?

Wendelin tempts the fates by publishing the first edition of the erotic Roman poems of Catullus — a move that will enrage the church, scandalize the city, and change all of their lives forever — while Bruno and Felice become entangled in an obsessive love triangle with a stunning Dalmatian woman named Sosia.

Related Questions and Answers

How does Hans react when he finds out Liesel’s book?

When Liesel steals a book from the burning, how does Hans react? He does not penalize her since he is aware of why she took it. She is compelled by him to return it there.

Why does Viktor Chemmel steal?

Why does Viktor Chemmel steal, according to death? He finds it fun. How can Viktor cause Rudy trouble? He criticizes the apple.

What book does Liesel read to Max?

Max will wake up once she finishes reading The Whistler, so she chooses to read the remaining chapters to him. She finishes reading the novel in one day.

What page did Rudy jump in the river?

Chapter 37 of The Book Thief.

How did Rudy save Liesel’s life?

Rudy in the audience screams out to Liesel as she is being whipped beside Max. Liesel is yanked away by Rudy and Tommy Muller. Rudy restrains Liesel as she attempts to follow the vanishing procession, and she struggles with him. Rudy restrained her, perhaps saving her life.

Why did Ilsa Fire Rosa?

Rosa is informed by Liesel that she called the mayor’s wife pitiful and that Ilsa dismissed them as a result. Rosa gently takes the news of her termination since she does not believe Liesel is capable of criticizing Ilsa for her fixation with her deceased son.

Why does death say that the Grave Digger’s Handbook is meaningful to Liesel?

What is represented by the book The Grave Digger’s Handbook? She borrows and reads it as her first book. It is the sole recollection she has of both her mother and brother. The novel conveys a tremendous deal of grief, anguish, and her sense of being abandoned.

What are Rudy’s three acts of stupidity?

Rudy Steiner’s “Three Acts of Stupidity” In this chapter, Rudy will steal some potatoes, confront the Nazi Youth leader Franz Deutscher, and eventually quit going to meetings.

What do Liesel and Rudy scream at the lake?

What scream at the lake do Liesel and Rudy make? Freedom!

Why does Death foreshadow Rudy’s Death?

Rudy’s death in the explosion that would occur two years later is predicted by death. Liesel will give him a kiss. Rudy had so much to live for, therefore death is sorry and angry that he has passed away.

Why did Liesel purposely get injured?

Why did Liesel deliberately hurt herself while watching a soccer match? She wanted to return home so that she could spend more time with Max, who was ill.

What is the key difference supported by the text between Viktor Chemmel and Arthur Berg?

What major distinction between Viktor Chemmel and Arthur Berg is supported by the text? Viktor is more cruel and older. Viktor steals not out of need but out of want.

What does Max do that scares Liesel?

Max’s pictures provide a visual portrayal of how Hitler and his Nazis are in control of so many people’s brains and how dead corpses accumulate under Nazi domination. In this chapter, Liesel’s comments, “You terrified me, Max,” have a double meaning since both his startling awakening and his visuals terrify her.

What is special about the 2nd book Liesel steals what does it signify?

What makes the second book Liesel steals unique? What does it represent? From the Nazi book burning, she took it. Liesel stole the shrug to represent her hatred of Hitler.

Why did Liesel steal books?

After learning from Hans that Hitler is probably responsible for her parents’ disappearance—not to mention the destitution that resulted in Werner’s death—Liesel grabs it from the pyre. She wants to get vengeance on her new nemesis, Adolf Hitler, by stealing the book.

What is papa’s reaction when he discovers that Liesel has stolen another book What Does his reaction say about his character?

What does Papa do when he learns Liesel has taken another book? What does his response reveal about his personality? “You can steal them quicker than I can purchase them,” replies Papa. This demonstrates how laid-back and witty he is.

What threat does Viktor leave Rudy with?

Viktor only offers Rudy and Liesel one apple, and there isn’t much money gathered. Viktor chokes Rudy till his nose bleeds after he insults him, then threatens him.

How is Viktor Chemmel different from Arthur Berg?

A bunch of juvenile criminals who steal food is led by Arthur Berg. He demonstrates fairness and compassion toward Rudy and Liesel. Arthur Berg’s replacement as the gang’s capo is Viktor Chemmel. He treats the others badly.

What caused Rudy to steal the potato?

He walked up to the potato undetected, yet everyone spotted him since they all witnessed him take the potato.

Is the Whistler a real book?

American novelist John Grisham is the author of the book The Whistler. The book was made available on October in hardcover, big print paperback, e-book, CD audiobook, and digital audiobook formats. It centers on Florida Board on Judicial Conduct investigator Lacy Stoltz and is a legal thriller.

What is the last book Liesel steals?

The last book Liesel takes from Ilsa Hermann’s collection is The Last Human Stranger.

Why does Max end up sleeping in Liesel’s bed?

Max became so unwell that he had to begin sleeping on Liesel’s bed. Since it would seem suspicious, Rosa and Hans were unable to keep him in their room.

Who saved Hans life in ww1?

Vandenburg, Erik

Who bombed Himmel Street?

During World War II, the American Air Force attacked Molching. The German government’s investigation of basements sounded the sirens for three nights of light bombardment. 1943 saw the silent bombing of Himmel Street, which only Liesel survived.

What does Liesel do when she finds Rudy’s body after the bombing?

Death shows in and removes the most of the souls, but he can still make out Liesel, who is still alive and writing in her basement. Liesel discovers Rudy’s body and gives him a kiss on the lips after being pulled from the wreckage. When she comes to Rosa and Hans’ corpses, she is forced to say farewell to them as well.

Why does Ilsa give Liesel a notebook?

Once Liesel gets her own notebook to write in and Ilsa accepts her apology, Liesel will have the ability to personalize the apology. She may empower herself by creating her own novels rather than copying others’.


Viktor Chemmel is a character in the book Liesels Red Shoes. Viktor Chemmel throws Liesels Book In The River because he wants to teach Liesel a lesson.

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