How to Get Enchantment Books in Minecraft

Looking for a way to get enchantment books in Minecraft? Here’s a quick guide on how to find them!

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In Minecraft, enchantments can be added to tools, weapons, and armor to increase their abilities. Books can be found in strongholds, temples, and dungeons, or can be traded for with librarian villagers. You can also create your own enchantment books using an anvil.

What are Enchantment Books?

Enchantment books are items that you can use to add enchantments to items in Minecraft. You can add enchantments to weapons, armor, and tools. Enchantment books can be found in a variety of ways, such as fishing, trading with villagers, or finding them in generated structures.

How to Get Enchantment Books

You can get enchantment books in a number of ways in Minecraft. The most common is by using the enchanting table, but you can also looting chests, trading with villagers, or finding them in generated structures.

How to Use Enchantment Books

Enchanting books are items that can be used to Enchant armor, tools, and weapons in Minecraft. Enchantment books can be found in a few different ways:

-Crafting them using an Enchanting Table
-Trading with Villagers
-Finding them in Chests or Drops from mobs

Enchanting books have a random level of enchantment, which means that the enchantments you can get from them are also random. However, you can use an Enchantment Table to increase the level of enchantment on the book, up to the maximum level for that particular enchantment. For example, the max level for Sharpness is V, so you could use an Enchantment Table to increase a Sharpness I book to Sharpness V.

Tips for Getting Enchantment Books

Enchanting in Minecraft is one of the key ways to improve your gear and tools. Enchantment books are a valuable item that allows you to choose the Enchantment you want, rather than relying on the somewhat random results of using an Enchanting Table. Here are some tips for getting Enchantment books:

1) Raiding Libraries: One of the easiest ways to get Enchantment books is to simply raid WordPress libraries in NPC villages. Searching each level of the library will yield around 2-4 books, making this an efficient method for gathering a large number of books relatively quickly.

2) Looting Chests: Another reliable source of Enchantment books is through looting chests – whether they be in dungeons, temples, abandoned mineshafts, nether fortresses, or village houses. Each type of chest has a different chance to contain an Enchantment book, with average loot rates being around 2-5%.

3) Trading with Villagers: Perhaps the most straightforward method of obtaining Enchantment books is by trading with vanilla NPCs. Many Different types of villagers will offer trade deals involving Enchantment books, though the rarity and cost of these deals will vary depending on the type of villager you’re dealing with. Cheaper trades can be found with librarians and cartographers, while more expensive options are available from priests and masons.

Enchantment Books in Survival Mode

Using an Enchantment Table in Survival Mode

1. Find an enchanting table. Enchanting tables are naturally generated structures found in strongholds, village libraries, and igloos.

2. Place the item you want to enchant in the first slot of the enchantment table’s GUI. If you want to enchant more than one item, you must place the items you want to enchant in the first and second slots of the table’s GUI.

3. Press the “Enchant” button. This will cause a random enchantment to be applied to the item you placed in the table, based on the level of the enchantment table and any luck that might be applied to it. The higher the level of the enchantment table, the more powerful the enchantments it can apply will be. The chance of getting a particular enchantment increases with a higher level as well.

4. (Optional) Place books in the third slot of the GUI. Books can be used to increase the level of enchantments that can be applied to items placed in slots one and two by up to five levels each, allowing for more powerful enchantments to be applied. Each book used will decrease the chance of getting a particular enchantment by 20%. Up to three books may be used at a time.

5. (Optional) Place Lapis Lazuli in slot four of GUI. Doing so will increase by one level all possible enchantments that could be applied to items placed in slots one and two, as well as books placed in slot three if present, but has no effect on luck-based enchantments such as Mending or Curse of Binding.

Enchantment Books in Creative Mode

In Creative Mode, you can easily get any Enchantment Books that you want. Just open your Creative Inventory and look for the Enchantment Books section. You’ll find every type of Enchantment Book here, and you can just drag and drop the ones you want into your inventory.

Enchantment Books and Anvils

In Minecraft, you can add powers to tools, armor, and weapons using an enchantment table and books. Enchantment books can be found as loot, or created by combining a normal book with lapis lazuli. You can use an enchantment book to enchant tools, armor and weapons at an anvil.

Enchantment Books and Enchanting

There are two ways to get enchantment books in Minecraft: through trading with villagers or by finding them in generated structures. Enchanting books can be found in the following places:

-Villagers will occasionally offer enchanted books for sale when curfew is lifted in the morning. The type of book offered depends on the level of the villager.
-Librarian villagers have a 2⁄3 chance to sell an enchantment book as part of their trade options.
-Bookshelves have a small chance of dropping an enchantment book when destroyed by an explosion.
-Enchantment books can be found in chests inside generated structures, such as strongholds, dungeons, temples, and abandoned mine shafts.


In conclusion, books can be obtained by enchanting, fishing, Finding them in generated structures, or trading for them with librarian villagers. If a player needs more than one book of a certain enchantment, it is possible to combine books of the same enchantment using an anvil.

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