Can You Sell Books To Thriftbooks?

Similarly, Can you send books to ThriftBooks?

The processing facilities’ exact locations may be discovered at The appropriate social distance standard of at least six feet will be adhered to. ThriftBooks is now only taking drop-offs and requests that people abstain from sending books and textbooks.

Also, it is asked, What is the best way to sell books?

You may sell your books on eBay and Abebooks, among other places. However, since Amazon is the world’s largest and busiest bookshop, it is the ideal venue to sell your books. You may list your book in the “New & Used” section of a book’s Amazon website if you sell it yourself on Amazon.

Secondly, Is ThriftBooks owned by Amazon?

Thriftbooks is well-known among book collectors for being one of the few western online bookselling platforms that is not a subsidiary of Amazon, which is especially appealing to customers who want to avoid Amazon.

Also, Where does ThriftBooks get its books from?

A cost-effective supply chain The firm pays by the pound for books purchased in bulk from Goodwill, Salvation Army, and other resale shops. 150 trucks transport things to eight fulfillment centers throughout the nation to be sorted, loaded with whatever those stores have to discharge.

People also ask, Do authors make money from ThriftBooks?

Yes, writers get compensated via book sales, but it’s extremely possible that they also have other sources of income. They aren’t risking their whole future on a single book; rather, each title represents a slice of a larger pie.

Related Questions and Answers

Do you have to return books to ThriftBooks?

ThriftBooks may accept a customer’s order for return even if it is not obligated to do so, such as if the product was damaged when delivered to the customer or the customer’s purchase was erroneous, and we may credit your account for the return without you returning the damaged or inaccurate item.

How do I know if my book is worth money?

Go to or to see how much your books are worth. You may also use these sites or eBay to sell your items. Dealers frequently pay up to one-third of the retail amount right away.

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Does Amazon buy books back?

Trade-in books are no longer accepted by Amazon. You may utilize an Amazon seller account to sell your secondhand books. To check what things are eligible for trade-in, go to Amazon’s trade-in shop.

Is ThriftBooks still in business?

We are now the world’s biggest independent online used book vendor, using cutting-edge technology and powerful analytics in a secure environment. Our brand home,, is our key consumer online and mobile destination.

Can I trust ThriftBooks?

ThriftBooks has a 2.67 star rating based on 243 reviews, showing that the majority of consumers are unsatisfied with their purchases. Customer service, decent condition, and dust jacket issues are the most common complaints about ThriftBooks. ThriftBooks is the eighth most popular site for used books.

Is ThriftBooks owned by Amazon Reddit?

ThriftBooks is a legitimate firm. We started selling old books on Amazon in 2003, and we were one of the first. We’ve been fortunate enough to extend to various markets as well as build our own destination website,, throughout the years.

Can I sell books on Amazon?

You must first create an Amazon seller account in order to sell books on Amazon. Then, by listing your new or old books as items on Amazon, you may sell them. You have the option of shipping books directly to customers or via Amazon Fulfillment. More articles may be found in Insider’s Tech Reference database.

Who is the CEO of ThriftBooks?

Mike Ward (2013–) is a writer who has been active since 2013. CEO / Thriftbooks Michael John Ward is a stand-up comedian from Canada. He is a comedian who performs in both French and English. Wikipedia

How do I sell my old books on Amazon?

You must first create an Amazon seller account in order to sell books on Amazon. Then, by listing your new or old books as items on Amazon, you may sell them. You have the option of shipping books directly to customers or via Amazon Fulfillment.

How much of a book sale goes to the author?

For hardcovers, authors get paid 10% of the cover price on the first 5,000 copies sold, 12.5 percent on the next 5,000, and 15% beyond that. Authors earn 7.5 percent of the cover price (sometimes with an escalator) for paperbacks, and 25% of the publisher’s net revenues for eBooks.

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How do authors get paid?

Traditionally, a ‘advance’ is given to the author at the beginning of the contract (advances are generally modest these days). An advance is a non-returnable loan made by a publisher in anticipation of royalty profits and used to offset such earnings.

What does acceptable mean on ThriftBooks?

A copy that can be read

Is AbeBooks a legit site?

AbeBooks has a 1.87 star rating based on 596 reviews, suggesting that the majority of consumers are unsatisfied with their purchases. Customer service, tracking numbers, and payment card issues are the most common complaints about AbeBooks. AbeBooks is the 23rd most popular site for used books.

Where is ThriftBooks headquarters?

Thriftbooks / Headquarters / Tukwila, WA Tukwila is a Seattle suburb in King County, Washington, United States, situated just south of the city. At the time of the 2020 census, the population was 21,798. Tukwila is a city of communities, with people from all over the world residing there. Wikipedia

How do I get rid of a large amount of books?

Here are a few of the top book donation choices. Libraries in your neighborhood. Libraries are community cornerstones, and many of them welcome contributions of books. Little Free Libraries are libraries that are open to the public. Books that are better for the world. Books Passing Through Bars Programs that benefit others. Schools and Literacy Programs

What to do with old books you can’t sell?

Here are some ideas on how to organize your books when you move: We Buy Books is a website where you can sell your books for cash. Give these to your loved ones. Donate Your Books to a Good Cause. Contact a Recycling Center if You Can’t Keep Books Circulating.

How do I get my book sold?

How to sell your book’s first 100 copies Early on, establish a following. There are a variety of approaches to marketing books. Write clearly and concisely. Good writing is a personal thing. Give out books. Obtain those testimonials. Give away your first book with no cost. Make a web page. Make an effort to write often. Spend time working on the cover of your book.

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Is selling used books on Amazon worth it?

Whatever brought you here, selling secondhand books on Amazon may be a great way to earn money without having to spend your life savings in inventory, so give it a try! It’s also a wonderful approach to get a feel for the Amazonian market before launching your own private-label line.

Where is the best place to sell textbooks?

Where Should You Sell Your Textbooks? AbeBooks. Amazon. Barnes & Noble is a bookstore chain. BookByte. BookScouter. BooksRun. Books for Students on Campus. Cash4Books.

How do I contact ThriftBooks?

Customer support (888) 979-1408Thriftbooks

Is AbeBooks owned by Amazon?

1st of January 2008 The purchase of AbeBooks by, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN) was completed today. AbeBooks is an online book marketplace featuring over 110 million old, rare, and out-of-print books for sale from thousands of independent bookstores across the globe.

Is AbeBooks better than Amazon?

Abebooks is superior than Amazon in every aspect imaginable. It is dependent on the kind of books you sell. Amazon is clearly going to exceed Abe in terms of current bestsellers and popular a long shot.

Are textbooks legit? has a 1.56 star rating based on 85 reviews, suggesting that the majority of buyers are disappointed with their purchases.

Does ThriftBooks have free shipping?

Standard delivery is free on all domestic U.S. purchases of $15 or more. On qualified purchases, free delivery will be chosen by default at checkout.

Who owns Abe book? AbeBooks, Inc. is a company that sells books.


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