A Long Way Down Book?

Similarly, What are the 3 rules in the book Long Way Down?

“There’s a code of behavior, and the first rule is no sobbing, second rule is no snitching, and third rule is always seek retribution.”

Also, it is asked, Is a Long Way Down based on a true story?

Long Way Down is a work of fiction, which means that the characters and events are entirely fictional.

Secondly, What is the meaning of the ending of Long Way Down?

Long Way Down has a cliffhanger finish. When the elevator eventually reaches the bottom level, Will must choose whether to go on with his plot for vengeance or to follow a new route and help break the cycle of violence.

Also, What is the story Long Way Down about?

It’s a free verse tale about an African American adolescent kid who finds himself at a fork in the path. Will, 15, is determined to revenge his 19-year-old brother’s death by taking his brother’s revolver from their shared bedroom and killing the person he believes is the culprit, but the elevator is a long way down.

People also ask, What does the penny drop symbolize in Long Way Down?

Because of Riggs’ gymnastics expertise, he was able to teach Shawn how to execute a Penny Drop, a monkey bar flip. Will felt a connection to both Shawn and Riggs as a result of the Penny Drop, which makes the possibility of murdering Riggs more difficult for Will.

Related Questions and Answers

What does the L button symbolize in Long Way Down?

The L (lobby) button on the elevator, like the elevator itself, represents the terrible destiny that Will will face if he decides to exit the elevator and enter the lobby. Will intends to revenge his brother Shawn’s murder by killing his killer, Carlson Riggs, once he reaches the bottom.

What is a meaningful quote from Jason Reynolds?

“You can’t run away from yourself, but you can run toward the person you want to be.” “If you remain neutral in the face of injustice, you have picked the oppressor’s side.”

What does will explain when Dani asks why he needs a gun again?

Dani asks Will why he needs the pistol again in the elevator, and Will explains he’s going after Riggs. He explains the Rules to Dani so she doesn’t believe he’s just being aggressive.

Why are the rules important in Long Way Down?

Will’s neighborhood and life are governed by the Rules. They’re straightforward: no sobbing, no snitching, and retribution. Will seeks to follow the Rules throughout the narrative in order to get retribution for Shawn’s murder.

Who does will think killed Shawn in Long Way Down?

Riggs Carlson

Why is Will so obsessed with the rules?

What exactly are the “rules“? No sobbing, no snitching, and no retribution are the rules. Why does Will believe that following the rules is so important? Will believes it is critical since you will not be murdered.

Is Long Way Down appropriate for kids?

Because the subject and language are mature, this book is best suited for youngsters aged 14 and above, however a knowledgeable 12-year-old would enjoy it as well.

What is the climax of a long way down?

When all of the spirits leave the elevator and Shawn speaks to Will for the first time, the narrative comes to a close. What can you say about Long Way Down in a nutshell? William Holloman, 15, is seeking vengeance for the murder of his brother. To do so, he travels to the building where Shawn’s murderer, Riggs, resides.

What does Shawn’s gun symbolize in Long Way Down?

Analysis of the Gun Symbol. Shawn’s gun symbolizes the cycle of violence that exists in his and Will’s town, as well as the ways in which that cycle corrupts young men and robs them of their innocence.

Why doesn’t will flirt with Dani on the elevator?

Will doesn’t flirt with Dani on the elevator, so why doesn’t he? Buck is there, so he needs to keep focused on murdering.

What do the ghosts represent in Long Way Down?

There are rules to obey, and they must be observed. However, each of the ghosts illustrates the futility of retribution in their own unique manner. Will’s father and brother both perished soon after carrying out their acts of vengeance. Everyone in the elevator with Will is dead, and they’re all giving him advice based on their own experiences.

What happened to Will at the end of Long Way Down?

Jason Gielow is a writer and director. Will decides to remain in the elevator and survives, as we learn at the conclusion of the narrative. This elevator journey has educated and transformed him.

Who is Buck in Long Way Down?

After Pop died, Buck became Shawn’s mentor. He’s tall and slender, with no facial hair and gold chains dangling from his neck. Buck is wearing a T-shirt celebrating his own death when Will encounters him in the elevator.

How many chapters are in Long Way Down?

There are seven chapters in all.

What are Jason Reynolds three direct quotes?

Quotes by Jason Reynolds Don’t be scared to be uncomfortable. It has nothing to do with being able to fly or leap, or having superhuman strength. I understand the feelings of betrayal and bewilderment. The reality is universal: every child has experienced terror.

Did Jason Reynolds create Miles Morales?

The book “Miles Morales: Spider-Man” by the author and Oxon Hill local is fantastic.

What is beef in Long Way Down?

Beef is handed about like name-brand T-shirts in Will’s neighborhood. The beef, like the T-shirts, is always overly large and seldom ironed. The meat was passed down from generation to generation, but it’s like fool’s gold or a treasure map that goes nowhere. Beef was the one who knocked on Shawn’s door, kicked it down, and left him with nothing except his gold necklace.

How old is Dani in Long Way Down?

Dani is murdered by stray gunshot when she and Will are eight years old in Long Way Down.

How do Will and Danny know each other?

Dani was Will’s childhood closest friend until she was mistakenly murdered in a vengeance shooting gone awry when she was eight years old. Dani’s spirit joins Will in the elevator on the sixth level; her ghost has grown up to be roughly Will’s age, although she is dressed in an adult version of the outfit she was wearing when she died.

Is Ghost by Jason Reynolds a movie?

1. Which famous Marvel character was the subject of a graphic book by Jason Reyolds, which was eventually adapted into a film in 2017? 2. Jason Reynolds’ Ghost is part of a series.

What college degree does Jason Reynolds have?

The University of Maryland is located in College Park, Maryland. Bishop McNamara High School is a Catholic high school in New York City.

Why is Long Way Down a good book?

It’s both timely and intense. The story depicts adolescent gun violence in a heartbreaking, dramatic, and passionate way, as well as how violent cycles can rip families and communities apart. Will’s emotions in the aftermath of his brother’s murder—sorrow, fury, uncertainty, and the need to avenge his brother—are complicated and honest.


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